Terms of Service
1. General
I have the right to reject any commission for any reason. 
The price of the commission is subject to change based on demand.
Commissions that don't have a clear direction of style and design elements will cost more.
2. Payment
Currency is in USD or CAD.
You agree to pay half of the price upfront and half after I have finished the commission. Or you can pay 100% upfront.
Do not send me any payment until I have guaranteed you a spot and I have requested your payment.
If payment is not received within 3 days after requested then your spot may be forfeited and moved to the bottom of the wait list.
Payments are accepted through paypal.
3. Process & Delivery
You understand that it may take at least 2-4 weeks to receive the commission due to reasons such as complexity/labor required, work outside of commissions, health, etc.
If you have a short deadline please discuss with me ahead of time to see if it can be fulfilled. Work commissioned with short deadlines may cost more. 
The work will be delivered in a high resolution digital format. Let me know of the specific dimensions ahead of time when commissioning. 

1. Client will fill out the form.
2. Responses are reviewed and client will be contacted soon through email. I will answer any comments or questions. We will establish a price and set commission.
3. Half payment or full payment is sent by client.
4. I work on the commission and send WIPs throughout.
5. I send a preview of the final piece and ask for feedback.
6. Client pays remaining half if not fully paid upfront.
7. Final files are delivered to client. 

4. Revisions
The client can receive a few minor adjustments for their commission. 
Any changes made after the commission is completed will be charged.
Work in progress will be delivered to client through out the commission process to avoid big changes near the end.
5. Copyright 
I as the artist retain all copyrights over any commissioned artwork. 
I will not claim the intellectual property of the artwork.
I reserve the right to publish commissioned artwork online or in art publications (books) unless specified otherwise prior to creating the commission.
You agree not to sell my commission for profit (eg. merchandise). 
6. Refunds/Cancellations
I have the right to reject any commission for any reason. 
The price of the commission is subject to change based on demand.
In the event that you request a cancellation when I have work already done, only a portion will be refunded depending on the amount of work I have completed. 
You will not be refunded if the commission is complete.
Full refunds are given if the client cancels before I start working on the commission.

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